How to choose an assisted living facility

We hunted down the best checklists to make sure you don't miss a beat when deciding between assisted living facilities.

We want to make sure you use this list in the right way - the key is suitability, not perfection. While the list we found is great, it does not take into account priorities. The lesson here is that if you look for a facility that meets every expectation listed out on this form, you will be looking for a long time. When we need to find a care solution, we typically don't have that kind of time. Measure your success on finding the right facility at the time you need it.

The other factor to consider is chemistry. This list ensures you will not miss a single amenity. However, our experience has taught us that no amenity will help you when you don't feel you belong. Pay close attention to the motivation and caring nature of the staff, and more importantly, the management. You will know, from observation, whether or not the managing philosophies are adhered to. Keep in mind that choosing a facility is not the only responsibility. Once you or a loved one has moved in, keep in touch, keep a pulse on the service. Like a child in school, your loved one needs to be monitored consistently.