Frequently Asked Questions

Why was altruWisdom created?

We want to raise the benchmark of financial and life advice being given in Canada. Typically, great advice is only accessible to the privileged few. We are providing equal access to this practical wisdom for all Canadians.

What is practical wisdom?

Practical wisdom is “the ability to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.”

What topics do you cover?

All altruWisdom content is categorized by life events. The life events we cover are: Work and Career, Financial 101, Getting Married (or starting life as a couple), Buying or renting a house, Parenthood, Lifelong learning, Breakups and divorce, Aging, Estate planning, Unexpected illnesses. Within these main categories, we cover many specific in-depth topics to give you the knowledge you need to navigate those life events with confidence.

What is the member platform and why would I use it?

Our educational and insightful blog articles are available to everyone. Our member platform offers systematized premium content which works together with tools and lessons within the platform in order to accelerate your education and progress. This method is based on years of experience helping clients master their financial lives. Every piece of content on the site is born from a question or challenge that we have helped a client with. Learn more about our member platform.

What does the member platform cost?

Our platform is created in hopes of making independent financial knowledge and life advice affordable and attainable to all Canadians, so we do charge a monthly price of $9 in order to sustain, maintain and continue producing top-notch content, lessons, and tools.

Can I try it for free?

One of many altruWisdom lessons is to do the research and always try before committing. So of course, we offer a free trial to let you get to know our platform, discover an endless number of features and benefits it has in store. Our 7-day trial is completely free, doesn’t require a credit card and you can walk away at the end of it, no strings attached. Most features are available during the trial and you will have our full support through Live Chat function, so you can make the best of your 7-day free trial.

How should I get started?

Getting started is easy! All you need to do is click Start Free Trial, enter your name and email address, choose the life events you would like to learn about and you can start your altruWisdom journey immediately.

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Who is behind altruWisdom?

altruWisdom team members have spent many years working in all aspects of the finance and wealth management industry. Our contributors are passionate about identifying the best financial wisdom available, and figuring out how to teach it to every Canadian. altruWisdom is not owned by any big company, we created altruWisdom as a financial and life education platform which is completely independent.

What does it mean when we say that altruWisdom is “independent”?

altruWisdom is focused on providing knowledge. We do not accept commissions from any source nor do we provide investment advice. This means that all of our recommendations are given in the best interest of our members. We make sure you are prepared to ask the right questions and make the right decisions. We offer complete and focused guidance and dynamic tools so you can respond positively to all your life events and keep track of everything you need to do to be successful. Learn more about us.