About US

Our intention

We want to raise the benchmark of financial knowledge and life advice available to Canadians. Typically, great advice is only available to the privileged few. We believe all Canadians should have equal access to the most effective practical wisdom* of professionals.

*Practical wisdom - “the ability to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason."

Our story

The altruWisdom team has spent many years working in all aspects of the financial industry. We know people transform when they are given the right financial and life guidance. This should be the right of every Canadian. We have come together to build altruWisdom based on the principles of what we know works. With time, we hope to help you reach your financial and life milestones, and allow you to share the wisdom with one another.

Our principles

These are the key principles that form the foundation of how altruWisdom works.

Multi-faceted: It is common to approach a life event from an area of strength. We found that members who consider their life events from our core 4 facets had a more sustainable outcome. The four facets are Financial, Family Relationships, Housing & Care and Wellness.

No judgement: No matter your past, we work together for your bright money future.

Event driven: We embrace the unexpected events that can throw a plan off course. Life is always unpredictable! Learning means adapting to new situations.

Hindsight: We only use real life experiences so you can learn from them to make sure bases are covered when life happens to you.

Family system theory: Our experience shows us your given family or your chosen family should be a part of your growth.

Perspective shift: The best cases of progress always come with a shift in perspective, mindset and behaviour. We strive to show our members a broader way of thinking through every step so they can make educated decisions.

Learn to learn: By using our tools, our members gain knowledge and the independence to make the best financial and life decisions for themselves.

Commitment: The members that have the best results are those who commit to taking action on everything they learn on their journey on altruWisdom.

Sharing: Members share their new knowledge and confidence with those in their lives. Knowledge that is shared, multiplies!

Service: This journey can be challenging, we hold your hand to make sure you stay the course.

Our philosophy

We created altruWisdom as a financial and life education platform which is completely independent. We do not recommend products nor do we provide investment advice. Instead, we prepare you to ask the right questions when making financial and life decisions.

Our logo


This logo is inspired from calligraphy which means “paradise is the abode of the generous”. The intertwining nature of the petals represents how all events in life intertwine and how there is beauty in the complexity of our lives, if we are willing to see it.