Many of us experience anxiety and stress in the face of making financial and life decisions. That’s why we created the altruWisdom Wise Owl Coaching service. Throughout your weekly check-in calls, our Wise Owls will create an actionable plan based on your life and financial goals. You’ll receive unbiased advice, proper guidance, and educated recommendations for your specific situation.


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  • Financial Action Plan

  • Budgeting System

  • Know Your Benefits

  • Document Organization

  • Debt Solutions

  • Estate Planning Overview

  • Tax Review

  • Insurance Protection

  • Ongoing Guidance & Support




Financial Action Plan

Preparation of an actionable life and financial plan tailored to the life events you are currently experiencing. Anytime new decisions come up, we are only a phone call away.

Budgeting System

Flexible budget creation specific to your needs and goals.

Know Your Benefits

There are so many government benefits that most people have no idea about! We find federal, provincial, and community benefits and resources applicable to you and assist you in applying for them all year round.

Document Organization

Think of us as a personal assistant who will sort, upload and organize your important documents so you can access them anytime, anywhere. Bye-bye document shoe box and expired driver’s license!

Debt Solutions

We evaluate your debt to help you understand what good and bad debt can be and then show you how to pay it off in the smartest way.

Estate Planning Overview

We take you through a full estate planning exercise to make sure you are in control of what happens to you, your assets and your loved ones in the worst-case scenario.

Tax Review

We identify gaps and recommend areas where you can save money. Proper tax planning happens all year round so take advantage and ask our experts any questions you have.

Insurance Protection

We provide an unbiased education to help you understand the world of insurance. We want you to know enough to be confident when choosing the best provider and plan for you.

Ongoing Guidance & Support

Recommendations on the most applicable checklists, articles, case studies, and documents. Weekly check-ins make sure you are on track and learning!


Financial Footing


Ideal if you are facing some big life events like marriage, home buying, kids or divorce and needs a review of financial picture, your budget, your goals and how to get there. This is most effective with those who know they might have a deeper emotional relationship with money that is creating a block in their financial lives.

  • 2-3 months with 7 hours of one-on-one coaching total

  • A full financial review and overhaul

  • A budget makeover and accountability coaching

  • A money mindset workshop to identify the root story behind your money choices

  • a customized playbook with daily and weekly and monthly tasks

  • 3-month access for any email questions

  • A 1 year altruWisdom platform membership

  • 10% discount on your next booking with altruWisdom

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