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What is multigenerational living and is it for me?

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Multigenerational living is on the rise in Canada. Do you think it is a viable solution to social issues? Or does it lead to more conflict and tension than it is worth?

We believe that multigenerational living is the way of the future, and has many benefits. Not all families feel the same way. What do you think?

While there are many factors that lead families to live together, the most impactful ones are finances and functionality. In so many ways, the net benefits to the family far outweigh the costs. However, when asked, so many Canadians are reluctant to give it a try.

A multigenerational home could simply be three (or more) generations of one family living together, and in some creative cases, multiple families sharing the duties of living by assigning roles to each generation. There are many such housing options that cater to those interested in a more “village” type of model.

Would you consider living in a multigenerational home? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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