the REAL cost of moving out on your own: A Calculator

 You’ve made up your mind – it’s time to move. Let’s see if the coins you’ve squirreled away will be enough to move out ASAP. 

Rule of thumb: Have enough money to cover the initial expenses of moving + all the expenses you will encounter in the first month of living in your new place. 

The initial costs include things like a security/damage deposit, first and last month’s rent, hiring movers or renting a truck, setting up your place with the essential furniture, towels, and frozen pizza. The first month brings things like bills, parking and condo fees, groceries and (hopefully) funding a housewarming party! 

Sounds like many things to consider, and chances are that you won’t have thought of everything, luckily, we have put together the perfect calculator below which will let you find out EXACTLY how much money you need to get a place of your own.