Improve your money mindset.

The beliefs and opinions we have about money are shaped by our life experience. If you want to change your financial life, start by becoming aware of your money story.

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The 6-Day Challenge


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[Day 1] Write your money history: Understand the past experiences that formed your beliefs around money.

[Day 2] Identify your money emotions: How do money decisions make you feel? What are the triggers to these emotions?

[Day 3] Overcome limiting beliefs around money: Learn to question your own beliefs and stop them from stopping you.

[Day 4] Reset your financial goals: What are your true goals? What is the role money plays in them?

[Day 5] Build a growth mindset: Free yourself from judgment and learn to approach money mistakes as an investigator who is trying to find out how things went wrong.

[Day 6] Create a plan to move forward: Use the insights from your MoneyDialogue Journal to build a daily reflection habit.



You are as powerful as you think. Your beliefs create your feelings and your feelings shape your actions.
— Ed Blunderfield – OpenDialogue