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How to persuade people

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As you move through your life events, you will quickly realize the importance of the people you have on your team. Getting them on board with your vision, and helping them to understand the reason behind your decisions will help you win at life.

Mastering the skills of persuasion will be helpful on your path to financial independence, especially when it comes to detecting when those same skills are being used against you.

We loved this article which discusses key techniques of persuasion. Read on below to get the altruWisdom take on them.

  1. Reciprocity. If you are asking for help, especially from a stranger, you won’t get very far if you ask for it without promising something in return, right? Well, it turns out, if you do something for that person first, or gift something to them, no matter big or small, they are much more likely to reciprocate by helping you or agreeing to your terms. To battle this – do not accept gifts or favours from people who’s intentions you are unsure of. Remember, there is no free lunch in life.

  2. Consistency. We are more likely take action when we already have stated and believed we are going to. For example, in an interview, you could kindly ask your interviewer why you they are considering you for the position. Then, listen to all of the reasons they state and notice how the rest of the interview will be spent validating those same qualities, for both you and the interviewer.

  3. Social Proof. Many of us pay close attention to what influential figures wear, eat and do in their spare time, and find ourselves trying to copy them. By asking yourself what these “influencers” have to gain, you can quickly determine when a product is truly the right choice, or when it’s simply a cash grab. Remember, these role models and influencers are businesses at the end of the day! You can use this power for good, by practicing the modeling of skills, perspectives and behaviours you believe strongly in. Doing so will build your brand as someone worth noting. Sharing altruWisdom and telling your friends how much you’ve benefited from it would be a great start 😉

  4. Liking. We prefer to deal with people who we like. We are willing and ready to go an extra mile for them. Unfortunately, this trait is exploited by people who convince us to like them. Do you like R&B? Yeah, me too! Sushi is your favourite food? Mine as well! Watch out for the insincerity and flattery coming your way – a request is likely to follow. Now, most of us like people that like us, right? Use that by being genuinely nice to those around you – tell them how great they are and how much they mean to you – with no expectations in return!

  5. Authority. We tend to trust those that possess authority around us. Uniforms, engineering rings, degrees, rankings, knowledge – all of these are a marker of trust. Make sure you always check the validity of that “authority”, before jumping into action. Try becoming an authority figure in your circle by sharing your knowledge and expertise and your friends and family will gladly follow your great example.

  6. Scarcity. We all want something that isn’t available to everyone. “Limited edition”, “only 2 left in stock”, “book before the price is gone”, “I’m only available on Tuesday at 5 PM” – don’t these statements make you want to jump into immediate action? Before making rash decisions, first check if what’s scarce and on the table is actually what you want and need. Just because the sweater is on sale, it doesn’t mean you need it – it might not even be cold outside! People will want to be around you, if you become The Better You – scarce but very desirable. Learn from the checklists and the Wisdom Collective in the Be The Best You Life Event.

The techniques we have listed above have been used by marketers and businesses for decades. Knowing how they work will protect you from being taken advantage of. Learning and understanding how they work will help you collect the right teammates in life, while working toward your financial goals.

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