What are the new innovations in education?

Sierra Goldstein dropped out of high school after realizing that the traditional school track was not challenging her to meet her goals. Read on to learn the advantages of taking control of your own education.

This blog post is based on this article about alternative education paths that boast their own advantages. Here are the key learnings we uncovered:

  1. Forge own educational path and focus and excel in a field you are passionate about.

  2. Understand your personal strengths in the way you learn and cultivate those strengths.

  3. Align yourself with like -minded organizations and individuals. In the article, Sierra joins an experimental program called Be You Innovation Lab. Be You seeks to make learning as individualized, mobile, and accessible as possible.

  4. Learn to be self-taught by learning "whatever you want, wherever you want with whomever you want," Be You Innovation Lab, seeks to develop a mobile app that will solve the problem of how to "shorten the time period between deciding what matters to students and connecting them with people who are already doing that." - Take control of your future outcomes. The philosophy behind Be You Lab is based on research which indicates that giving students a greater sense of authority could bring more self-discipline in learning and encourage them to think outside of the box.

There are many ways to customize your own education less radically. Rely on the guidelines above to make it happen.

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