How to roll with the punches

Most of us are terrified of challenges when we encounter them. Learn to shift your perspective and use the challenges in your life as a springboard for personal growth and progress

How many of us have put together the perfect plan for our life, our finances, only to have it crumble when challenges were thrown our way. We sink into negativity, when instead, we should look at the opportunities the challenges have offered us.

Opportunities to grow, learn, improve. Challenges we overcome give us the energy, the determination and tenacity to achieve our goals.

This video addresses how a simple metaphor can change our outlook and shift our perspective on our life.

Imagine yourself shooting a bow. You stand, with your back perfectly straight, controlling your breathing, pulling the string back, way back, aiming with the tip of the arrow. You release the arrow and it shoots forward toward the bullseye.

The way you pulled the string back, all the tension you've created are a great representation of challenges you've faced in your life. They pulled you back, produced stress and tension, nearly broke you.

The tighter the string is, the further the arrow is launched. So, think of your life as the arrow - the greater the tension, the further you will shoot towards your goals. Learn to appreciate the challenges and the obstacles life throws your way, as they get you to your destination - your goals, that much faster and make you stronger.

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