Finding balance in parenting

With so many resources and technology available nowadays, it is easy to outsource just about everything when it comes to childcare. But in this convenience it is easy to forget that our children develop family values and personal qualities only through the quality time that we, as parents spend with them. Use this article as a reminder to keep certain parts of childcare close to your heart.

Nowadays, there are endless resources available to those who want to outsource daily routine tasks. Childcare is no exception, actually it is a booming industry, full of options for every aspect of it.

The temptation to outsource everything is without a doubt quite prominent with all parents. After all, children add a whole lot to the daily routine plate. Possibly, the only factor preventing parents from hiring nannies, housekeepers, babysitters, tutors, drivers, coaches, cooks, personal "waker-uppers", "walkers-to-school", "dressers" - is inability to support all the staff financially.

We would like to present another factor to consider when deciding which aspects of childcare to outsource.

When thinking about the benefits of outsourcing a specific task, think of the emotional impact this task has on you and your child. After all - this seemingly tedious and meaningless task could be the elusive "quality time". The adorable bickering with your child when deciding which outfit they will put on today, the arguments you come up with to convince them to eat their broccoli, the rushed walks to school and your kids cute story-telling on the way.

Every moment with our child is limited and the more they grow up, the more they distance themselves from us, so why rush into distancing them from us so early?

We, as parents are responsible for "uploading" the family and personal values into our children, teaching them the rights and wrongs, helping them shape into a real person. Would you trust a third-party to complete these important tasks on your behalf?

Your child also treasures the quality time they get to spend with you. For them, you are their universe and the ability to be with you, learn from you, ask you a million and a half questions, hold your hand - all these cannot be replaced by someone else.

So, when you evaluate what is worth outsourcing, think long and hard what you are willing to give up and sacrifice to save yourself some time. Sometimes the most logical decisions make no sense at all.

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