How do you find a job you love?

We often hear advice to follow our dreams and passions. There is an unspoken expectation of us to decide what the rest of our life will look like, at a young age. Below we offer a new perspective on choosing your career.

When we are approaching our graduation from high school, we are expected to make a decision on where we see ourselves for the next couple of decades. Following that decision we enrol in post-secondary education and upon exit, we are faced with an even tougher decision - what career path to take.

As this moment, many of us receive the infamous advice to follow our passion. The notion of it sounds alluring, full of promise, however. When it comes to practical, however, we end up asking ourselves a tough question - "What are my passions?".

Are we supposed to know what our true passions are at such young age? We barely have any experience in life and in the workforce, surely, we are not expected to choose our destination then?

According to this radio episode from Matthew Hussey, you don't have to jump to decisions right out the gate. Instead, he urges young adults to first consider what they mildly enjoy in life. From there, he recommends to get good at that and offer clear value to your employer or your customers.

Opportunities will soon emerge, which may steer you in a different direction completely, and with experience you will begin to understand your passions better.

So, get out there, pick what you like and get good at it, pave your own road to financial freedom and independence. To learn how to make decisions like CEO and take charge of your life, check out our Be Your Own CEO Checklist.