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How do you organize your important documents?

Are you familiar with a dusty old shoebox filled with important documents, electricity bills, your grade 12 report card, account statements, parking ticket, birthday cards from the last 10 years and your passport? Don’t worry - you are not alone in this world. We live in a digital world, where most things made of paper either end up in the dusty box or piled up on your kitchen counter/coffee table/dresser.

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Finding balance in parenting

With so many resources and technology available nowadays, it is easy to outsource just about everything when it comes to childcare. But in this convenience it is easy to forget that our children develop family values and personal qualities only through the quality time that we, as parents spend with them. Use this article as a reminder to keep certain parts of childcare close to your heart.

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How do I become more resilient when things get tough?

When faced with unexpected and sometimes tragic life events, we can either strive and soar, learning to be better, or fall to depression and negativity. This guide will teach you to build up your resilience, so you can approach life events with confidence.

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