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How do you organize your important documents?

Are you familiar with a dusty old shoebox filled with important documents, electricity bills, your grade 12 report card, account statements, parking ticket, birthday cards from the last 10 years and your passport? Don’t worry - you are not alone in this world. We live in a digital world, where most things made of paper either end up in the dusty box or piled up on your kitchen counter/coffee table/dresser.

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First mortgage mistakes (we avoided). A dialogue.

Allegra and Cody, a young couple from Calgary shares the story of buying their first house and the lessons they learned as they applied for their first mortgage. The names have been changed to protect their identity.

“Buying our first home together is something we have been working toward for years, but no one ever dreams of their first mortgage.”

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Should I do my own taxes (the real cost of DIY)?

Often, hiring a professional for a job or a project becomes overwhelming. With many options available on the market, we spend our time and energy looking for the perfect fit. That makes many of us think - should I just do it myself? To learn if DIY is the right path for you, ask yourself questions below.

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How are financial advisors compensated?

As you engage an advisor, just like any professional, it is critical to understand how they earn their keep and what comes out of your pocket in return for the service they provide.

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