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Top 8 mistakes in a financial plan

We believe everybody should have a financial plan (they're not just for the ultra-wealthy). They can look very different and that's perfectly normal. Whether yours comes in the form of a booklet, a web app, a set of conversations, a one-page manifesto, or is simply non-existent, you should look out for these common mistakes which our experts have seen over the years. Read on to make sure your plan is rock-solid!

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Do you need a prenup?

We enter marriage and relationships with a lot of hope, but we have all heard horror stories when it doesn’t go right. Prenuptial agreements are controversial, but they truly are designed to protect assets and offer each spouse a clear and fair path to exit, if the relationship doesn’t work out. That doesn’t seem so scary, does it? Read on to learn about the options available to you, and how to get protected. 

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Love is blind but marriage requires vision

A decision to get married - what could be more exhilarating? Following the proposal, the focus of many couples falls on the planning of the wedding. Our advice is to prepare by discussing the tough topics - financial and life goals, expectations, deal-breakers.

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